Creative Team Building with Music

Dear Toby and Jake,
Just to thank you both (again) for your brilliant contribution to the Emerging Talent Event last week.  We have had truly amazing feedback from the delegates and it has caused a real buzz.  They are a difficult bunch to please here so I am delighted.  I even got a generous thank you by email from the boss, who gives nothing away usually, so that is a result.
 Many people singled out the music sessions and your general contribution for specific praise. Lots of reference to increasing confidence etc. You are clearly very talented musicians and I hope we can do more stuff together soon.  Certainly I am hoping to use your talents again on the next ETP.
All the best
Ps.  I checked out the Air Guitar Band demo tracks on your website – loved it
— Michael Brooke - UK Learning & Development Manager BNP Paribas



Star Factor Interactive

Star Factor Interactive can be either: an interactive gig experience - in essence, 'live band' karaoke, where audience members get a chance to sing with a live band, or a musical team building activity (inspired by X-Factor) complete with presenter, panel of judges, video screens, coaching, choreography and costumes. The level of sophistication is tailored to requirements and budget. 

SongRite Workshops

SongRite Workshops are tailored to requirements and specific objectives (e.g. team-building; peak-performance training; motivation; creative-thinking; brand-awareness; company-identity) and budget. Depending on these factors we can offer a short option where participants rewrite the lyrics to existing well-known songs or a longer session where participants compose original music & melodies and write the lyrics from scratch. All workshops include the option for participants to perform 'their song' with live band backing. The activity culminates with a live performance of party music, from our talented house band, to ensure everyone leaves feeling energized and inspired! 

It can also be a combination of both. 

Whichever option you choose Star Factor is a high-energy activity that is both rewarding and great fun!


Rock Star Choir

Rock Star Choir is an interactive group activity ideal for larger groups and smaller time windows such as ice breakers or energizers.

Singing together with the goal of a performance at the end of the workshop is a bonding and unifying experience, bringing harmony and group rapport. There is safety in numbers with this workshop, but those bold enough can step out of their comfort zones to take solos. 

There is nothing like singing for generating that feel-good factor. Singing is fun, joyful and uplifting and it is actually very good for you. Research on singing identifies some key physical benefits. 1. It exercises major muscle groups in the upper body. 2.It is an aerobic activity that improves the efficiency of your cardiovascular system and 3. encourages us to take in more oxygen leading to increased alertness. Most importantly it makes you feel great. Singing together is incredibly enriching; it creates a feeling of excitement and connection.

A great energizer and ice breaker!

Hit Factory Recording Experience

Hit Factory Recording Experience is a hands on, full involvement activity aimed at small groups of 5-10 people. Spend a day writing and recording your own hit song, complete with pop video shoot! A valuable creative bonding activity, excellent for high achievers who work together as a tightly knit unit. 

Based on the Disney Creativity Model you will see default personality types emerging – (dreamer/planner/critic) and participants are encouraged to develop creative and leadership flexibility in each modality. This is a very useful model that transfers well to everyday creative working situations. 

You will receive all the coaching you need in playing instruments, singing and songwriting to produce a finished song and video to take away, featuring star performances from everyone involved. 

Great fun, intense and game changing.


Music is a powerful tool for creativity, communication, collaboration, innovation and motivation. It helps to build relationships and promote teamwork -  all valuable qualities for today's working environment and indeed life itself. It's also entertaining and immense fun, which is great for the spirit..


Our musical team building provides a unique and different experience that is entertaining, engaging and fun. Unlike other team building activities they focus on the team’s creative resources rather than being a purely work-based or an adrenalin-fueled sporting activity.  It is this creative element that makes it all the more memorable and great for morale.
The goal of writing a song within a time frame encourages intuitive, spontaneous decision making and builds rapport within the group dynamic. Fresh-thinking and healthy internal dynamics leads to a more congruent and profitable business. Singing and playing music together bonds people like no other activity.
Participants learn creative-thinking strategies that cross over into the workplace, providing ongoing added value.
Using the powerful medium of song helps to embed key messages; creates an emotional attachment to products/themes/actions in participating delegates.
Relationships are at the core of a healthy work environment and happy employees. Our musical team building activities promote collaboration amongst participants, resulting in a cohesive team, which works more effectively. 
Perfectly suited for office team building, staff team building, creative team building and musical team building, these fun team building activities are truly inspirational team bonding activities that offer long term results.

Our musical team building products comprise Star Factor Interactive, SongRite, Rock Star Choir and Hit Factory.
These inspirational team building activities are designed to engage, bond and strengthen organizations and teams.  They also provide an interactive element for private and corporate events. Our activities for team building are an experiential take on entertainment.  


We are your live band for the evening – this means you get a team building activity plus evening entertainment, rolled into one cost-effective, logistically- friendly package.


Our activities are led and managed by Toby Boyle, who has over 25 years experience in the music business as a performer, composer, educator and entrepreneur. He has successfully managed and supplied exceptional live music for events since 1997. Toby Boyle Music has developed a range of musical team building activities that adds a new experiential dimension to entertainment.

Our musical team building activities are facilitated by professional musicians with a wealth of experience at the highest level in their discipline. The team comprises musicians; songwriters; vocal & performance coaches. Our principal coaches are also specially trained to add a unique peak-performance training aspect to our musical team building workshops.